Advantages of DEVI electrical floor heating  


DEVI electrical floor heating offers a number of advantages in a building project and daily usage. An invisible heat source DEVI’s floor heating system is invisible. As the system is hidden under the floor, it gives excitingly new possibilities for […]

DEVImat for quick and easy heating installations


DEVI underfloor heating systems called DEVImat can be installed into any room in the home and create that comfortable feeling a warm floor gives all year round. DEVImat can be installed under tiles, stone, laminate, carpet, wood and vinyl flooring. The […]

Why a heated floor can be cold?


The most frequent question is: “Why has the heated floor become cold or not warm enough?” This question is usually asked at the beginning of the heating season. Many users try to replace the thermostat, to connect the heating cable […]

Electric Floor Heating – What You Need to Know!

Question 1: Does the heating cause structural damage such as cracking of the slab or tiles? Answer: No. A properly designed floor heating system does not overheat the concrete or tiled surface. The concrete is typically heated to a maximum […]