Advantages of DEVI electrical floor heating  


DEVI electrical floor heating offers a number of advantages in a building project and daily usage.

An invisible heat source

DEVI’s floor heating system is invisible. As the system is hidden under the floor, it gives excitingly new possibilities for furnishing and interior design and the space-saving solution.

Advantages for floor construction

First of all, DEVI heating cables or mats are placed just underneath the floor covering, which makes for a very light floor construction. Instead of a water-based floor heating, which usually needs a concrete layer of 60 to 100 mm on top of the water tubes in order to diffuse the heating, you can use a 4 mm thin DEVImat.

DEVI electrical floor heating is mounted directly in the tile glue and it only needs 4.5 mm layer under panels. It makes installations easier and faster – you don’t need to waste your time for waiting for few centimeters layer to dry.

Thanks to DEVImat thickness, you can easy install it during a house renovation without destroying an old floor.

Multi-story buildings

Low building height is a clear advantage in multi-story buildings, where the size of the horizontal division really matters. The 54-story Turning Torso in Malmo, Sweden is the case of a skyscraper where DEVI supplied the heating cables for the bathrooms.

Energy and cost efficient

DEVI electrical floor heating offers significant cost advantages. It is cheaper to purchase and easier to plan. DEVI system is significantly faster to install and it fits better into the building process, hence saving both time and money in the overall building process.

Once in use, advanced DEVI thermostats combine the possibility of optimal heating comfort with minimal energy consumption. DEVI offers clear qualitative advantages and longer service life compared to most other heating systems.

Combining green and comfortable way of heating

DEVI electrical floor heating and solar cells represent a new green and attractive option of converting sunlight into CO2-neutral electricity without having to sacrifice any of comforts.

DEVIwarranty™ – up to 20 year guarantee

DEVI delivers high quality products with lasting effect and offers the best warranties on the market. DEVIwarranty™ is a series of 4 individual, best-in-market warranties to give you full peace of mind while using DEVI products in electric heating systems.

All DEVI products are manufactured in the EU with the highest standards of quality control and meet al Australian Building standards.