The facts and myths on Devi electrical heating usage


There are a lot of myths about floor heating; some of them concern daily usage. Let’s dispel some common myths about electrical heating.

Myth 1: It cost a small fortune to heat with electricity.

We do not have influence on electricity prices, but we make sure, with help of high quality products like controls DEvireg Touch, Smart, and Link that DEVI intelligent floor heating systems spend only the energy needed to create the comfort people are demanding.

At the same time, when comparing different heating systems, you must compare the full costs of the systems (not just the price for one kWh of consumption), viz.:

  • the complete investment, i.e. the purchase costs for the systems
  • the complete installation costs
  • the lifetime of the system and warranty terms
  • the maintenance costs per year
  • the running costs
  • the depreciation on the investment

With the above parameters taken into consideration, we are sure that in many cases you come up with a conclusion in favor of DEVI electrical floor-heating system.

Myth 2: Electrical floor heating is not safe for installation in the wet room.

DEVI cables are fitted with sheath connected to earth for electrical protection. DEVI cables and mats are watertight and high-voltage tested during production. As separate test, the cables/mats are placed in a water basin, for several hours.
For additional safety a faulty-current relay (RCD relay) is in most countries obligatory and required by electrical regulations for household electrical installation.

Myth 3: Electrical floor heating is complicated to install.

Heating mats are a solution that can easily be mounted, both in a new room, and on old flooring. The installation time will be the same, regardless of the type of flooring under which the system is installed.

Heating cables offered by DEVI are also easy to install, especially when the newly designed DEVI Turntable is used. Installers have shown that using the DEVI Turntable makes the installation of the DEVIflex™ or DEVIsafe™ cables much faster and easier. DEVI Turntable will contribute highly to optimizing the layout of new cables.

Myth 4: Floor heating is difficult to regulate.

A floor heating system is actually extremely easy to control. It can be managed in several ways: either using a separate thermostat in each room; or through a single device consisting of a centrally-located main panel, which is used to control the sensors and thermostats throughout the house. A thermostat, such as the DEVIreg™ Touch, is not only great looking, but truly developed for simple and user friendly usage. DEVIreg™ Touch controls save maximum energy; for example, reacting immediately if an open window is detected. The best is that all the improvements that are made can be installed immediately without having to replace the heating system; by upgrading the thermostat or replacing the old thermostat with current intelligent thermostats, such as DEVIreg™ Touch, you will have the latest version and save energy.

Nevertheless, with the latest DEVI and Danfoss mobile applications, the control of your floor heating is even easier and more energy efficient. Check out the new DEVIlink™ or the latest DEVIreg™ Smart with wireless mobile control enabled.

Myth 5: Floor heating is only for the winter.

Floor heating can be used at any time of year, which is particularly important on colder days, even in the summer. This system also provides comfort on hot days, when the room temperature is high and the tiles are very cold.

Myth 6: Floor heating can be only used in bathrooms.

Electric floor heating can be used in all types of rooms such as bedrooms, kitchens, and hallways. Nowadays, thanks to modern thermostats, such as DEVIreg Touch, floor heating is often used as a reliable and energy-efficient solution of choice for all buildings.

Total floor heating can be installed in all types of buildings, including low-energy houses. You can easily install electrical floor heating in newly-built houses as well as existing ones during renovation. DEVI floor heating is often installed in apartment blocks, renovated buildings, and public buildings.

Myth 7: Electric floor heating can only be installed under terracotta.

Floor heating can be installed under lots of different types of flooring. You can easily install it, not only with terracotta, but also under:

  • parquet
  • ceramic tiles
  • natural stone
  • terrazzo
  • wood flooring
  • laminate flooring
  • linoleum
  • carpet

DEVI electrical heating solutions do not take up any space, which gives you an opportunity to design the space in each room as you please.

Myth 8: A fault means that you have to rip up the whole floor.

The DEVI heating cables are durable and come with a 20-year warranty. However, in case of any misfortune, there is no need to rip up the whole floor. The damage will be pinpointed to the centimeter so that only one tile has to be removed and repaired.

Myth 9: It increases the amount of dust.

The slow air movement does not pick up dust. With the correct installation and optimum temperature setting, there will be no circulation of air, bacteria or allergens, and the humidity level will be kept just right. So, if you are allergic to dust, this system is the perfect heating solution.

Myth 10: Floor heating can damage your health.

Floor heating has no negative effect on your wellbeing. Electromagnetic radiation is very low, close to zero, and it has no impact on your health.

Myth 11: The “heavy” swollen legs effect.

This feeling will only occur if the temperature is too high. Floor heating optimizes air circulation and room temperature to ensure that you remain in good health.